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I remember as a child visiting my best friend. They had a little dog who would welcome you into the house with a wagging tail, but the moment you tried to leave she would bite your ankles. It started out as nipping and eventually got so bad that she’d draw blood. Ankle biting is not […]

Teaching your dog to “Drop it” is not only for ball game, but for many things your dog may pick up during the day; a shoe, your child’s favourite teddy, a bone they find while out on a walk. Teaching him to open his mouth and let you take an object from him is a […]

You’ve probably heard your veterinarian tell you to neuter or spay your pet. You’ve probably heard friends and family recommend it as well. Some of us have heard it so often, we don’t pay attention when the topic is brought up anymore. But if I can beg your attention for just a few minutes today, […]

We love walking our dogs – it’s a great way to get outside, get some fresh air and exercise. Walking is equally as beneficially to your dog. It gives her a chance to have a change of scenery, exercise, experience different smells and noises, and even have the chance to socialize with other dogs if […]

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