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This in-depth Nutrition Course examines the role of nutrition in Canine and Feline Behaviour, allowing the successful student to evaluate and understand the effect that diet has on their client’s pet’s behaviour and to offer guidance, along with the client’s veterinarian, in order to achieve optimal nutritional balance. Students may enrol at any time.

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  • ThinkNutrition Speciality Deposit + 9 Months Installment (Inter)
    Payments Option : R3000,00

    Payable per month on the last day of each calendar month for 9 consecutive months following registration

    Payment Date Amount
    July 13, 2024 R788,89
    July 14, 2024 R788,89
    July 15, 2024 R788,89
    July 16, 2024 R788,89
    July 17, 2024 R788,89
    July 18, 2024 R788,89
    July 19, 2024 R788,89
    July 20, 2024 R788,89
    July 21, 2024 R788,89
  • ThinkNutrition Deposit & Balance (Inter)
    Payments Option : R3000,00

    Pay only the deposit, and complete full payment within 1 month of registration

    Payment Date Amount
    August 12, 2024 R7100,00
  • Pay Full Amount
    Payments Option : R10100,00

    Pay the full course fee

    Payment Date Amount

Course tutored by

Jo Scott

Jo Scott