S03: Cheetah Behaviour

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A certificate course for individuals who are interested in learning more about the worlds’ fastest land-based mammal. This is suitable for students of zoology, wildlife conservation, field guides and other professionals who want to understand more about cheetahs and their conservation.

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  • Speciality Deposit & 9 Months Installment (Inter)
    Payments Option : R3000,00

    Payable per month on the last day of each calendar month for 9 consecutive months following registration

    Payment Date Amount
    August 19, 2024 R583,33
    September 19, 2024 R583,33
    October 19, 2024 R583,33
    November 19, 2024 R583,33
    December 19, 2024 R583,33
    January 19, 2025 R583,33
    February 19, 2025 R583,33
    March 19, 2025 R583,33
    April 19, 2025 R583,33
  • Specialty Course Deposit & Balance (Inter)
    Payments Option : R3000,00

    Pay only the deposit, and complete full payment within 1 month of registration

    Payment Date Amount
    August 19, 2024 R5250,00
  • Pay Full Amount
    Payments Option : R8250,00

    Pay the full course fee

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Course tutored by

Kath Forssman

Kath Forssman