Cat Behaviour

For a very long time, the general belief has been that cats can’t be trained or their behaviour can’t be modified. That is completely untrue! We are constantly amazed at the amount of problems people live with; believing that there is no hope to change whatever is going wrong.

The most common problems we see daily in consultation include:

  • Spraying (both male and female cats, intact and sterilized).
  • Scratching of furniture.
  • Destruction.
  • Aggression towards people and the vet.
  • Fighting with other animals.
  • Litter box problems.
  • Inability to share with other cats.
  • Introducing a kitten into the house.

The sheer amount of cases seen since then made us realize that cat people need just as much help as dog people, and it is our goal to provide them with a reliable reference point where they can ask for help should they need it. If you require any assistance with your cat please contact us via the “contact us” page.

Below you will find a few useful books to read if you are interested in broadening your understanding of your cat:

The Cat Owner’s Problem Solver – John Bower (1998) Reader’s Digest. ISBN 978-0762100569

Cat Confidential – Vicky Halls (2004) Bantam Press. ISBN 978-059305276

Cat Manual– Claire Bessant (2010) Haynes Publishing. ISBN 978-1844256754

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