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  • Prof. Peter Neville

    Professor Peter Neville

    Professor Peter Neville
    DHc BSc(Hons), CABP

    Peter began his professional career as a Research Biologist for the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare in the UK, working in academic and practical animal welfare around the world for several years before returning to the UK to work in companion animal behaviour therapy practice. He established the first companion animal behaviour referral clinic at a UK Veterinary School at Langford, Bristol in 1990 and has been in practice for the referral of behaviour problems in pets for over thirty years.

    Peter served as a Clinical Professor at the Dept of Veterinary Medicine, University of Miyazaki, Japan from 2008-11 and, after 5 years as a Visiting Scholar at the Dept of Animal Sciences at The Ohio State University, USA, was appointed Adjunct Professor in 2009 and now teaches there annually. He is the author/co-author of various scientific publications, several films and 16 books, including ‘EMRA Intelligence’ written in 2016.

    He was a founding partner of the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology in the UK in 1993, now a leading international online education provider of companion animal behaviour and therapy courses. COAPE pioneered the development of the EMRA and ESTA approaches to pet behaviour problem assessment and therapy, which are also applied through COAPE International to a major zoo animal enrichment project at Johannesburg zoo in South Africa

    Peter Neville co-authored ‘Breed-dependent differences in the onset of fear-related avoidance behavior in puppies’ in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior 10 (2015) 286-294. A later onset of fear-related avoidance behaviour was observed in CKC Spaniels compared with GSD and Yorkshire Terrier puppies: emotional and behavioural development varies among dog breeds.

    Peter now lives in Finland, and works frequently as an ethologist guide throughout southern and east Africa for Rae Safaris.

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