COAPE Courses

Worldwide, the field of Animal Behaviour is professionalizing fast – especially in terms of how we look at methods used in Behaviour and Training for Animals. COAPE is proud to offer exceptional courses that focus on utilising the latest scientific approaches in this exciting field.

Internationally, the modern approach to behaviour and training is rapidly evolving and moving away from treating animals with behaviour problems as having an illness and in need of medication or punishment. We have also moved away from treating each case in the same way using out-dated standardized treatment, and into a much more advanced and scientifically based approach.

At COAPE, we teach behaviourists working with companion animals how to take account of all the aspects involved in the pet/owner relationship as well as each individual pet’s development and history when assessing and addressing problems. Another really big step forward is that science is now taking the emotionality of pets and owners alike into consideration when looking at behaviour problems.

This new approach means working with all owners and their pets over a period of time to assist in resolving behaviour problems. This service has never been more needed in times when behaviour problems in pets are on an increase, and the human demands on pets are increasing and diversifying into not only the psychological relationships, but also when expecting our dogs to fulfil complex (and often contradicting) roles such as being our guard dogs and companion family animals at the same time.

For behaviourists working with captive wildlife, we teach how to accurately evaluate the emotional and mood states of the animals in their care, which enables them to monitor and address stress levels. We also teach them how to use the ground-breaking EMRA and ESTA tools to facilitate emotional and behavioural well-being in the animals in their care.

The Centre for Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE) has a long- and well-established history with some of the most prominent key players in the field of Animal Behaviour and training as our Partners. COAPE originally focussed on companion animal behaviour, but we are proud to say that our focus has expanded to include mammalian behaviour in our courses too. All animals deserve the best, that is why COAPE expanded our area of expertise in 2007, and we continue to strive to offer the best courses in animal behaviour.

We strive to get the COAPE courses accredited within various countries. For example, in South Africa the COAPE Diploma in Animal Behaviour (among other COAPE courses) is accredited by the South African Veterinary Council (SAVC) for structured CPD points.

COAPE’s ethos is to improve the lives of animals through a better understanding of their behaviour and a professional appreciation of their emotional needs, regardless of where the animal may find himself, be it pet or otherwise.

Please note that Polish speaking students may not enrol directly through COAPE International for any COAPE course, enrolment must be done through COAPE Poland.

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