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  • Karin Pienaar (Landsberg)

    Karin Pienaar
    DipCABT (COAPE) OCN, CertCAB, CAPBT Practitioner

    Karin has been working in the field of animal behaviour and behaviour therapy in South Africa since 1997. She completed her Diploma in Animal Behaviour in the UK, through the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE) and is a qualified Practitioner member of the CAPBT in the UK and South Africa, as well as a Practitioner Member of the ABC of SA.

    She worked as a Behaviour Practitioner for 9 years in Cape Town, but then moved to Johannesburg in 2007 where she and her business partners established the highly successful COAPE SA along with its sister business ThinkingPets.  ThinkingPets was later sold to Leigh Shenker, who now runs it successfully.

    After 20 years of consulting, Karin’s main focus now is presenting the COAPE Diploma and tutoring students, as well as course research, authoring and development for COAPE International. She was originally one of only two Practitioners licensed internationally to offer COAPE’s prestigious courses until 2019, when she and Wendy were given the exclusive license to offer COAPE courses on an international basis following the retirement of Professor Neville and Dr Falconer-Taylor.

    In addition to frequently appearing on Talk Radio 702/567 Cape Talk and several television programs, she has also been a valued part of the “Animal Talk” radio team. She frequently contributes to a variety of publications, such as Animal Talk, Cat’s Life and several overseas magazines, and is often in the media relating to Animal Behaviour matters.

    Karin also heads the Enrichment Research Program between COAPE and captive wildlife facilities, where, among other things, she and her team volunteer their time to work with the JHB Zoo to develop bespoke enrichment programs to promote behavioural and emotional health in captive animals, using COAPE’s trademarked EMRA and ESTA approaches. They also provide training for both staff and animals to make husbandry tasks and medical examinations/treatments as stress-free as possible.

    Karin is involved in on-going research to bring EMRA and ESTA to as many animal orientated facilities as possible to promote emotional well-being – not only in companion animals, but also in captive wildlife scenarios.

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