You & Your Rescue Cat


Are you thinking of adopting a cat from a shelter or have you already adopted a cat from a shelter? Then this course is for you! Your rescue cat will have very specific needs when coming into her forever home – this course will equip you to better deal with any behavioural issues and make sure that she adjusts quickly and happily to her new environment. 
This course is primarily designed for anyone who is thinking of adopting a new kitten or adult cat of any age or type, from an animal welfare centre. 

Students can enrol at any time.

You & Your Rescue Cat

Pet Ownership Course


  • This course will give you vital information on preparing yourself and your household for a rescue cat or kitten, as well as giving you the knowledge on how to deal with your new cat’s special needs. Giving your new rescue cat or kitten the best possible start in her forever home.
  • This course enables all cat owners to achieve a deeper understanding of feline behaviour, care and nutrition.
  • This course will enable you to demonstrate your knowledge, integrity and commitment to owning a cat to any animal welfare centre where you are hoping to acquire your cat or kitten from.
  • Through coursework assessment at each of the six stages, this course enables all cat owners to achieve a deeper understanding of feline behaviour, care and nutrition.


Unit 1:

In this first unit, we take a look at factors to take into consideration when planning to adopt a cat. What type of environment do you live in? Do you have the time and finances to adequately care for a new cat? Should you adopt an adult or kitten? We discuss all these important questions and more.

Unit 2:

Now that you’ve done your research and decided on a cat, it’s time to prepare your home. This unit will guide you through hygiene aspects, such as litter box training and grooming, as well as security aspects, such as tags and cat flaps.

Unit 3:

Unit 3 is all about settling your new cat into your home. We discuss introducing him to your family and other pets, as well as the importance of setting up an established routine.

Unit 4:

What constitutes a proper diet for a cat? This unit explores this question, as well as looking at the different nutritional needs of different age groups.

Unit 5:

Unit 5 explores common feline diseases and health concerns, including parasites and poisons.

Unit 6:

The last unit for this course explores common behaviour problems which you may encounter, such as aggression, scent marking and scratching.


Course Type:
Online course through Google Classroom, multichoice questions at the end of each Unit, with answers provided. No certificate is awarded on completion.

Course Duration:
Can be completed in 6 weeks, maximum time allowed is 6 months.

Students may enrol at any time.

Abilities Required for This Course:

  • Students must be computer literate, have the use of a computer with internet access.
  • A good command of the English language is preferable.

Pricing & Enrolment