AB01: You & Your Cat

This course is recognised by the ABC SA.

This course is perfect for prospective and current pet owners who wish to learn more about caring for their beloved companions. Students may enrol at any time.

A Foundation Award to help you understand the true nature of your cat and benefit all the more from sharing your life with her. Explore your relationship with this serene yet mischievous, and cuddle-loving yet supremely designed top-of-the-food chain predator!

Written by leading feline behaviourist Professor Peter Neville, this course is primarily to be enjoyable and informative for new or existing owners who would like to understand their cat better from a behavioural point of view.

You & Your Cat - Pet Ownership Course

You & Your Cat
Pet Ownership Course


  • This course is for dedicated cat-lovers and new owners alike. Learn more about why cats do what they do.
  • Learn to bond and better communicate with the feline members of your family.
  • Achieve a deeper understanding of feline care and nutrition.
  • This course will enable you to demonstrate your knowledge, integrity and commitment to owning a cat to a breeder or animal welfare centre where you intend to acquire your kitten or cat.


Unit 1:
In Unit 1 we discuss what makes a cat a cat. We look at his origins, domestication and classification.

Unit 2:
Unit 2 focuses on kittens and their developmental milestones. We also look into how environment affects their emotional and behavioural development.

Unit 3:
How does environment and lifestyle influence your cat behaviourally? Unit 3 details how home environment and lifestyle need to be matched to a cat’s needs and discusses indoor vs. outdoor cats.

Unit 4:
Unit 4 delves into communication – visual, auditory and olfactory. We also look at body language and how you can relate to your cat.

Unit 5:
In Unit 5 we discuss the inter-relationship between good nutritional, physical and psychological care. What makes up your cat’s diet and why? We also look at caring for your senior and geriatric cat.

Unit 6:
Unit 6 delves into some common behaviour problems and how to prevent them: inappropriate elimination and aggression.



  • Judy Post

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Course Type:
Correspondence online.

Course Duration:
Can be completed in 6 weeks, maximum time allowed is 6 months. Students may enrol at any time.

Pricing & Enrolment

Abilities Required for This Course:

  • Students must be computer literate, have the use of a computer with internet access and be able to operate basic programs such as Microsoft Word.
  • A good command of the English language is preferable.

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