You & Your Dog

This course is perfect for prospective and current pet dog owners who wish to learn more about caring for their beloved canine companions. The course is designed to be easy, enjoyable and informative to study, for existing and new owners who would like to understand their pet better from a behavioural point of view.

An Introductory course for people who love to share their lives with a canine companion – or two. This course will help you to better understand your dog’s true nature. You will explore your relationship with this affection-loving yet highly specialised social carnivore whose behaviour and very design has been honed by becoming our ‘best friend’ and working companion.

You & Your Dog

Pet Ownership Course


  • Learn how to build a solid relationship with your canine companion, by understanding canine behaviour and training.
  • Learn all about how you can provide the best nutrition and care for your dog.
  • This course will enable you to demonstrate your knowledge, integrity and commitment to owning a dog to a breeder or animal welfare centre where you intend to acquire a dog or puppy.



Unit 1:
The origin of the dog. How dogs really evolved from wolves and why the different types and breeds have different needs.

Unit 2:
Socialisation, handling and habituation. Behavioural development and how to provide appropriate levels of early experience and opportunity to maximise your puppy’s confidence and potential as a successful pet.

Unit 3:
Influence of environment and lifestyle. How home environment and lifestyle need to be matched to a dog’s needs.

Unit 4:
Communication and basic parenting. How to relate to your dog.

Unit 5:
Fit for life! Exercise, nutrition, feeding and stimulation. Understanding the inter-relationship between good nutritional, physical and psychological care

Unit 6:
Basic training. How to communicate with your dog and train him using modern motivational cues and kind, effective techniques.



Course Type:

Online course through Google Classroom, multichoice questions at the end of each Unit, with answers provided. No certificate is awarded on completion.

Course Duration:
Can be completed in 6 weeks, maximum time allowed is 6 months.

Students can enrol at any time.


Abilities Required for This Course:

  • Students must be computer literate, have the use of a computer with internet access.
  • A good command of the English language is preferable.

Pricing & Enrolment