COAPE International Announcement

In September 2018, COAPE UK announced that in future, the exclusive international rights to present COAPE Approved distance learning courses in English in Companion Animal Behaviour, therapy, training and nutrition have been awarded to COAPE South Africa, who have held this licence for Africa for the last 12 years. Founder Karin Pienaar (née Landsberg) DipCABT first offered COAPE courses in South Africa in 2007 after studying for her COAPE Diploma in the UK, and then teamed up with Wendy Wilson DipCABT in 2009 to forge the market-leading and hugely successful COAPE education programme for Africa. Many of their courses, including the COAPE Diploma, are already accredited South African Veterinary Council CPD courses for veterinarians and para-veterinarians. Karin and Wendy have a strong dedicated team of Diploma Tutors (all Diploma graduates) and a team of trained markers, and so are perfectly positioned and administratively fully established to expand into the global on-line provision of all current and any new COAPE distance learning courses.

In view of the expansion of the territory from local to international, COAPE SA has changed its name to COAPE International to accurately reflect its new international status. Karin and Wendy are extremely honoured and proud to be given this incredible opportunity to continue and grow the COAPE legacy. Dr Robert Falconer-Taylor and Professor Peter Neville will be continuing to act as consultants to COAPE on the home and international stage, and are absolutely delighted that the pioneering methodology, professional ideals and leading-edge scientific approaches to companion animal behaviour and training developed by COAPE over the first 25 years, will continue into the next 25 under the professional and capable direction of Karin and Wendy.

In line with this huge development, COAPE has taken the opportunity to expand the range of courses we offer, as well as the delivery method of all our courses. Most exciting of all, COAPE International developed the renowned UK residential COAPE Diploma into a fully on-line International Diploma that can be studied by anyone anywhere in the world, at a highly competitive price which is now open for enrolment.

COAPE’s commitment, as always, is to maintain and expand on our standard of worldwide excellence in Animal Behaviour education, and we will continue to work tirelessly to provide our students with the best courses in this field. Not only are we striving to produce Behaviourists who excel in the field of companion animal behaviour, but also other professions who work with a variety of species in a variety of ways, to improve the emotional well-being of animals in any capacity where human-animal interaction takes place.

For further information about COAPE International, to register for any of our courses or to view details of our new courses, please see or contact [email protected]

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