COAPE’s core beliefs

For over 30 years, COAPE International has been at the forefront of teaching ethical, kind and compassionate approaches in the realm of animal behaviour education, guided by a set of core beliefs that prioritize unrivalled education, humane practices, emotional understanding, and unwavering support for students and animals alike.

At the heart of COAPE International’s mission is a commitment to providing exceptional education that equips individuals with the knowledge, skills, and ethical framework necessary to understand and improve the lives of animals. COAPE’s educational programs are meticulously crafted to deliver comprehensive instruction, hands-on experience, and practical skills development under the guidance of world-class educators and practitioners.

COAPE International is steadfast in its dedication to promoting practices in all aspects of animal behaviour education and professional practice that consider not only welfare, but also wellbeing in animal behaviour.  These are central components in COAPE’s curriculum, with a strong emphasis on fostering positive, respectful, and mutually beneficial relationships between humans and animals.

COAPE International recognizes the rich and complex emotional lives of animals and places emotions at the forefront of its approach to understanding and working with them. By acknowledging and honouring the emotional experiences of animals, COAPE teaches students to approach their studies and interactions with empathy, sensitivity, and respect, fostering deeper connections and more meaningful relationships between humans and animals, applying MHERA™ – a unique and modern approach that sets COAPE apart from everyone.

Whether through personalized guidance, mentorship, or access to resources and networking opportunities, COAPE ensures that students receive the support they need to succeed academically, and professionally.

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