Digging problems

Does your dog dig up your garden? The best way to stop the endless excavations is to create a safe, allowed digging area for him where he can dig to his heart’s content.It’s really easy to create:The digging patch should be big enough for your dog to rummage about in, so choose an area that allows for movement. 

It should be clearly demarcated to prevent drifting.It should have different soil mixed into it to differentiate it from normal garden soil.It should have goodies such as chew toys and biscuits buried in the sand to make it interesting to dig in.

Remember to keep the patch stocked, or your dog will go after greener pastures for stimulation.If you catch him digging elsewhere, interrupt him and take him to his patch while encouraging him to dig there.

Clean up old digging spots when he’s not around to watch and prevent access to them either by putting some chicken wire over it (just remember to take off sharp bits and to nail it down securely using U-brackets) or by putting a garden pot over the hole.

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