Our commitment to Students

At COAPE we are committed to fairness, openness and transparency in the way we run our courses. The policy documents below set out our commitment to our students.

COAPE Policy on Equality and Diversity

This policy applies to all students studying with COAPE.

COAPE commits to promote equality of opportunity to all students.

COAPE commits to eliminate any unlawful or unfair discrimination and harassment.

COAPE is committed to creating and sustaining a positive and supportive environment for students to encourage them to thrive academically.

Policy on Equality July 2021 (1539 downloads)

Course Work: A Guide for Students

All formal assessments which contribute to a student’s progression through or attainment of a qualification via COAPE are formally marked, unless expressly advised otherwise. The marks awarded will reflect the traditions and practices of individual subject areas. This document delineates COAPE policy on the marking of students’ work, as a framework within which all Markers work.

Course Work A Guide For Students July 2021 (1624 downloads)

Assessment: A Guide for Students

Assessment is used to determine precisely what you’ve learned – something that COAPE needs to know so that it can monitor progress and make an appropriate award at the end of your course. At the same time, feedback is essential to improving your learning and, for the assessment to make sense; you need to know what you are expected to learn. The assignments reflect the content you should be learning, and your work will be marked based on how accurately you show your understanding of the material.

Appealing Against Your Grades

Where a student disagrees with the grade awarded and they have not been permitted to re-submit the unit, the student may appeal via the Registrar to the Moderator within fourteen working days of notification of the grade.

Appealing Against Your Grades July 2021 (1547 downloads)

COAPE Complaints Procedure

COAPE aims to provide high quality services to students, but unfortunately, despite our best efforts, things may occasionally go wrong. Whatever your complaint you can expect it to be dealt with promptly and fairly. You will not be disadvantaged or treated less favourably by making a complaint.

Complaints Procedure July 2020 (2288 downloads)

COAPE Terms and Conditions

COAPE Courses are provided by the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology on the following terms. By enrolling in a course you are acknowledging that you have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.



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