All of the ‘C0’ courses act as qualifying courses for the Advanced CDP COAPE Diploma. Please note that South African students cannot enrol directly through COAPE UK for any COAPE course and must enrol through ThinkingPets. Students may enrol at any time. Enrolments are closed between 16 December – 2 January.

The CO1 and CO3 courses are the perfect starting point for anyone who wishes to learn about basic companion animal behaviour and dog training and will start students on their journey towards becoming qualified companion animal behaviourists. Only students who have completed the Diploma are recognized by COAPE as qualified animal behaviourists.

Think Cat – Stage 1

Think Cat - Stage 1

The ideal course for anyone wishing to get involved in the animal industry who does not have any prior experience

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Dog Wise – Stage 1

Dog Wise- Stage 1

A course that covers basic must-know aspects to ensure a solid foundation and understanding of canine training and behaviour

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