Qualification Approval and Accreditation

What makes the COAPE Diploma stand out above the rest?

The COAPE Diploma is independently accredited through the South African Veterinary Council (SAVC) as CPD courses for structured points.*


SAVC CPD Accreditation

Course Name Points Awarded
C01: Dogwise – Stage 1
Introduction to Canine Behaviour and Training
30 Structured CPD Points for correspondence only course
40 Structured CPD Points for course with practical component
C03: Think Cat – Stage 1
Introduction to Feline Behaviour
21 Structured CPD Points
Diploma in Animal Behaviour Structured CPD Points will be awarded by the Veterinary Council upon completion of this course.

*40 Structured CPD Points is the maximum amount of points that can be awarded to any one course by the SAVC. CPD points for SAVC accredited courses are only valid for veterinarians and para-veterinary personnel in South Africa.

How can people recognise that you have a solid understanding of both behavioural science and the practical skills required to work in the field of animal behaviour and training?

There are many courses available in animal behaviour and training but how do you know which one to choose? Well, this depends on what your aims and ambitions are. If you want to improve your knowledge and understanding of your pet then there are probably many courses that could provide this for you.

However, if you want to work within the pet behaviour therapy and training industry then this qualification is more likely to fulfil your education needs.

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