You & Your Rescue Dog

This course is tailormade for pet owners who are looking to adopt, or have recently adopted a dog or puppy  from a shelter. 

If you are thinking of adopting a new canine ‘best friend’ from a rescue shelter, or you already have, this course is for you. 

Students can enrol at any time.

This course will equip you to help your rescue dog settle into his new forever home, as well as prepare you for any behavioural issues that you might encounter.

You & Your Rescue Dog

Pet Ownership Course



  • This course will teach you how to deal with the special needs of your new canine family member. Learn why dogs do what they do, and how you can give your dog the best possible start in his new home.
  • Through coursework assessment at each of the six stages, You and Your Rescue Dog enables all dog owners to achieve a deeper understanding of canine nutrition and care.
  • It will enable you to demonstrate your knowledge, integrity and commitment to owning a dog to any animal welfare center where you are hoping to acquire your dog or puppy.


Unit 1:

Unit 1 discusses all the factors you should consider before bringing your new family member home. We help you to consider factors such as your home environment, existing pets and family members when deciding on a specific type of dog.

Unit 2:

So you’ve decided on a dog, and you are ready to bring him home. Unit 2 helps you make sure you have everything ready for your new family member, and also walks you through the process of introducing him to your family and other pets.

Unit 3:

In this unit we look at the mental and physical needs of the dog. We explore breed-specific needs as well as needs that are universal, such as chewing and digging.

Unit 4:

Unit 4 delves into the theory and practice of training. What should you look for in a puppy / dog school? What is clicker training and how does it work? We discuss all this and more in this unit.

Unit 5:

In Unit 5 we look at the dog’s nutritional needs, as well as how those needs change during the different phases of his life.

Unit 6:

This last unit covers your dog’s physical and mental health. We touch on the different common canine diseases and their prevention. Then we take a look at the different canine behaviours and their accompanying signals.



Course Type:

Online course through Google Classroom, multichoice questions at the end of each Unit, with answers provided. No certificate is awarded on completion.

Course Duration:

Can be completed in 6 weeks, maximum time allowed is 6 months.

Students can enrol at any time.


Abilities Required for This Course:

  • Students must be computer literate, have the use of a computer with internet access.
  • A good command of the English language is preferable.

Pricing & Enrolment