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Coping during lockdown and preparing for when you go back to work. During this time of lockdown or self-isolation many of us have found ourselves at home, and perhaps spending more time with our pets than usual.  While this is great fun for us now, it is important to remember that life is eventually going […]

Like any field, the science behind how animals learn has changed drastically over the years. Unfortunately, not everyone has kept up with the new information and some dog owners and dog professionals are still using outdated, abusive techniques to attempt to deal with problem behaviours in pets. At COAPE International we believe in the use […]

The last day of the year is full of celebrations. It’s a way of saying goodbye to one year and welcoming the next. It’s a time of family, friends and fireworks. For your animals though, it could be a time of terror.  Here are some tips for you to help your animals get through this […]

We all know that our senior friends will need to be cared for in a different way, but do you know what is considered “old” when it comes to your pet?   According to the American Veterinary Medical Association it varies, but cats and small dogs are generally considered geriatric (old) at the age of 7[1]. […]

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