Whilst quite a lot of people think it’s cute to dress up their pets, we would like you to consider the following before you either dress up your own pets or encourage someone else to do so:   1. Costumes and clothes can hide your animals body language.  While you may think that your pet looks […]

So, your pet has been diagnosed with Diabetes, what now?  Since 2011 the diagnosis of diabetes in pets has increased by 32% in dogs and 16% in cats[1], and just like humans, cats can be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  Though it may feel like the end of the world, many pets live long and […]

I remember as a child visiting my best friend. They had a little dog who would welcome you into the house with a wagging tail, but the moment you tried to leave she would bite your ankles. It started out as nipping and eventually got so bad that she’d draw blood. Ankle biting is not […]

Teaching your dog to “Drop it” is not only for ball game, but for many things your dog may pick up during the day; a shoe, your child’s favourite teddy, a bone they find while out on a walk. Teaching him to open his mouth and let you take an object from him is a […]

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