This month is Responsible pet owner’s month. What does it mean to be a responsible pet owner? Most animal welfare organizations use the 5 freedoms as a guideline: Freedom from hunger and thirst. Freedom from discomfort. Freedom from pain, injury or disease. Freedom to express normal behaviour. Freedom from fear and distress. These 5 freedoms form the foundation of responsible […]

Crate training is more popular in some parts of the world than in others, but there are some misconceptions about it as well. Crate training your dog is not about keeping them in a cage all day, in fact crate training can be highly beneficial to your dog and becomes their safe and happy spot. […]

In September 2018, COAPE UK announced that in future, the exclusive international rights to present COAPE Approved distance learning courses in English in Companion Animal Behaviour, therapy, training and nutrition have been awarded to COAPE South Africa, who have held this licence for Africa for the last 12 years. Founder Karin Pienaar (née Landsberg) DipCABT […]

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