We love walking our dogs – it’s a great way to get outside, get some fresh air and exercise. Walking is equally as beneficially to your dog. It gives her a chance to have a change of scenery, exercise, experience different smells and noises, and even have the chance to socialize with other dogs if […]

Hugging is a natural way for us to express our affection for the ones we love, but when it comes to our furry family members, hugs are not always enjoyed both ways. In 2016, psychology professor and neuropsychological researcher Stanley Coren studied over 250 random photos of dogs being hugged and noticed that, in an […]

Brain games are activities that enrich our dogs’ lives by giving them something to keep them mentally busy, without them having to exert a large amount of energy, as they would on a walk. Now and then your dog might have problem that prevents you from walking him. This could include a physical injury, anxiety or even aggression towards […]

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