The last day of the year is full of celebrations. It’s a way of saying goodbye to one year and welcoming the next. It’s a time of family, friends and fireworks. For your animals though, it could be a time of terror.  Here are some tips for you to help your animals get through this […]

We all know that our senior friends will need to be cared for in a different way, but do you know what is considered “old” when it comes to your pet?   According to the American Veterinary Medical Association it varies, but cats and small dogs are generally considered geriatric (old) at the age of 7[1]. […]

Written by COAPE International   What does it mean to be a responsible pet owner?  Most animal welfare organizations use the 5 freedoms as a guideline:  Freedom from hunger and thirst.  Freedom from discomfort.  Freedom from pain, injury or disease.  Freedom to express normal behaviour.  Freedom from fear and distress.  These 5 freedoms form the foundation of […]

You’ve probably heard your veterinarian tell you to neuter or spay your pet. You’ve probably heard friends and family recommend it as well. Some of us have heard it so often, we don’t pay attention when the topic is brought up anymore. But if we can beg your attention for just a few minutes today, […]

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